iTunes might get streaming with acceptable prices for same

애플이 출시를 앞둔 iTunes 8 버전에 주문형 비디오 서비스가 추가될 것이라 합니다.
그동안은 다운로드 후 즐길 수 있었는데 이제 스트리밍이 가능하여 바로 볼 수 있다네요...
스트리밍한 content를 저장해서 아이폰/아이팟터치에서도 볼 수 있다네요...

[iTunes might get streaming with acceptable prices for same] - 출처 : CrunchGear
Downloading movies is kind of a fool’s game. You have the movie ondisk, but now what? Am I going to burn it to a DVD so my kid can watchit? Probably not. I basically paid - or didn’t pay - for content I’llnever access again.

Well, it seems Apple is thinkingabout adding streaming to the next version of iTunes and, presumably,offering cheaper streaming prices for those so inclined. I couldtotally see two things happening - iTunes 8 and Apple TV offering video“rental” - 99 cents seems about right - and, and this is far fetched,some sort of little program they can put into another device to grabyour iTunes content on multiple systems a la Netflix.

Will this happen? I’d say rentals are on the horizon and streamingis definitely in the cards. Creating an army of iTunes compatiblehardware from other vendors is a little harder to swallow, simplybecause of Apple’s insistence on closing things up. But remember -Motorola got Apple to open up a little and allow them direct iTunescompatibility so it’s not too far off to assume Apple could talk homeentertainment device makers into stuffing some iTunes code into theirnext release.

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