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[LG / Intel Phone to use Mirasol reflective display tech. Update:Incorrect.] - 출처 : UMPC Portal

As CPU and chipset power consumption becomes less and less in phoneand MID designs, the power drains of the displays, radio, peripheralsand storage technology become more and more significant. One of thebiggest issues, display backlighting, has been something that many people have been working onfor a long time. In current high-brightness UMPCs and MIDs the screenscan take up to 50% of the total power of the devices, which is exactlythe scenario you’re in when you’re mobile.

LG will be tackling this issue on their Moorestown phone in 2010 byusing a reflective, bi-stable technology from Mirasol Displays, a subsiduary of Qualcomm.It’s complex and vastly different from current backlit screentechnologies but I can summarise by saying that it takes a lot lesspower, provides much more effective outdoor brightness and, due to it’stransflective nature, is easier on the eye. The method used is known asInterferometric MODulation (IMOD.)

Mirasol IMOD Structure

There are some white papers and overviews on the Mirasol websitewhich I have been through to try and get a feel for the power savingsand although there aren’t any real figures given (obviously it dependson the size of the display) my gut feeling here is that in 3-5″ devicesin bright room conditions, it could save 0.5 - 1W which will beextremely significant in the LG device which may only have a 2-3Wprofile.  If you want to get a feel for the technology, take a look atthis PDF which alludes to newspaper reading quality in terms of contrast and reflectivity. There’s also a very good video presentation here which the problems of traditional backlit displays and the ‘on-time’ that I’ve been highlighting recently.

It appears that current Mirasol products are currently quite smallin size and obviously the technology is going to be more expensive sowe might see this used as a secondary or external display (as in thetwo screen Nokia E90 design) but with 12-18 months to go before the product needs to be ready, Mirasol may be able to get a full 800×480 screen out.

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