New CrunchPad prototype looks incredibly slick

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[New CrunchPad prototype looks incredibly slick] - UMPCPortal

We’ve been following the interesting developments of the CrunchPad,which aims to bring an intuitive and inexpensive web tablet into thehands of consumers. When it was first announced, the idea seemed wild,but as time goes on, the CrunchPad is looking better and more concreteevery time we hear about it. Previously we’ve seen an earlier prototypeof the CrunchPad on video, but we are now seeing for the first time, anall new, beautiful looking device that TechCrunch says is almost readyfor production.

They moved to an aluminum case in place of plastic, vying for strengthat the cost of increased price, but it also allows the device to bemore thin, bringing the overall thickness to just 18mm. After watchinga recently unveiled demo of a slightly older prototype,I’m really hoping to see the CrunchPad’s software evolve further. Theidea is wonderful, but if they don’t craft the software with masterfulprecision, I’m doubting they will get the experience they are targetingif they are relying on a passive touchscreen.

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