Apple's new iPhone software may let users share applications

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[Apple's new iPhone software may let users share applications] - AppleInsider

Apple's forthcoming iPhone Software 3.0 may introduce featuresthat let users share their purchased applications with family orfriends, a move that would give iPhone and iPod touch owners a greatersay over which apps deserve the spotlight in the overly-congested AppStore.

Citing a "a person familiar with the technology," BusinessWeek reportsthat the forthcoming software update "includes features that, ifactivated by Apple, may let users share software with one another." Thepublication goes on to speculate that such a feature could even beexpanded to allow iPhone users to generate a commission "when they'veinduced someone else to make a purchase."

The ability to try applications before buying them has been a sorepoint with App Store shoppers. In an attempt to address this, some appdevelopers have released "lite" versions of their apps that are free orclose to free and include only a few levels or features of thefull-fledged version.

This, however, adds a few more steps to the purchasing process for apotential buyer, since a second trip to the App Store must be made topurchase the full version. Additionally, the user will probably want todelete the lite version from the iPhone to free up memory and avoidconfusing the two apps, which often have similar icons.

With the tens of thousands of apps available in the App Store today,shopping for interesting and useful applications can be a challenge.Friends and family often share common interests, and the ability tolearn of a new application, obtain it directly from a friend or familymember, and try it out could present a more streamlined approach to appshopping in many instances.

Apple has seeded five betas of iPhone Software 3.0 to date in whichnumerous discoveries pertaining to future software and hardwarefeatures have been made, but Wednesday's claim is the first to suggestapplication sharing capabilities will be amongst the software'shighlights.

Apple reportedly declined to comment on the matter, with spokespersonJennifer Bowcock stating that, "We’ve made no announcements at thistime."

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