PSP phone 나오나? ^^

이전에 PSP phone에 대한 포스팅을 한 적이 있는데 정말 나오는 걸까요?
암튼 빨리 보고 싶네요...

출처 : gizmodo

Is This the Next PSP?

It'stough to make out much from these shots, but according to their source,they are of the next PSP (the PSP model 3000). The specs include abuilt-in microphone as well as an updated button set that replaces the"Home" button with a PlayStation button (to more closely resemble thePS3).

Otherthan those tidbits, we have little more information on the allegedupdate other than that it could include "cellphone support." And fromthe looks of this back casing, it doesn't seem that the next PSP willbe much, if any, thinner than its predecessor. [PSP China BBS via Kotaku]

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