Apple Patent: Stream Your Entire iTunes Library From Anywhere

[Apple Patent: Stream Your Entire iTunes Library From Anywhere]
Applepatents don't always bear fruit, but this one seems like it'll happen,and soon, actually. It's for accessing your entire iTunes library fromanywhere—streamed to your iPhone or touch either via Wi-Fi or over theair. Basically, this future iTunes will sync the metadata for yourwhole library, and all the music and videos stored back on yourcomputer ("virtual media items") will be totally integrated with thecontent actually on your device, so it'd be just like having yourentire library on your phone.

Notonly does this imply the long-desired ability to wirelessly sync (andover great distances), wireless iPod-to-iPod connectivity and datasharing is part of the patent too—yes, just like Zune squirting.Welcome to the social, or something. Again, while Apple patent dreamsdon't always come true, this one has a definite sense of realness toit—it'd make for a nice announcement at next month's expectediPod/MacBook event, in any case. [AppleInsider]

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