Bath Safeguard .

좋은데요... 어린애들 목욕시킬때 좋아하겠네요..
Electro Induction Charger도 맘에 들고... 핸폰도 케이블 연결없이 던져 놓으면 충전되면 좋겠어요... 쩝.

[Feeling hot hot hot] - 출처 : Yanko Design

We all remember that little home invader/burglar Goldilocks and herserious issues with gauging temperature. “Too hot, too cold….” blahblah blah, shut it you delinquent! Designer Kai Chen has invented alittle what’s hot/what’s not meter that takes all the guess work out ofgetting into your bathtub. “Bath Safeguard”is a neat little electronic bath plug device that measures thetemperature of the water and emits a color glow reflecting the currentconditions of the water. When not in use, place it back on the magneticinduction recharger base. Made of waterproof silicon this item is sureto see production…and at least shut that little tramp up.

Designer: Kai Chen

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