Archos New Device : "Internet Media Tablet"?

Archos 라는 프랑스 회사의 새로운 PMP 모델입니다. PMP라기 보다는 새로운 컨셉 즉, "Internet Media Tablet"이라고 하네요...
4.8'' TFT LCD와 하드디스크를 썼는데도 이 놀라운 얄팍함과 크기란...
dimension은 127.5 * 78.3 * 12.9 mm 라네요...
(참고로 iphone 3G가 3.5'' LCD에 115.5 * 62.1 * 12.3 mm 입니다.)
Wi-Fi 지원에 Flash 9 video 지원하는 free opera browser 탑재

특징중에 아래 내용이 눈에 띄내요... 어떤 식으로 굴러가는지 함 알아봐야 겠습니다...

"The ultimate TV experience at home or on the go"
Enjoy your ARCHOS content back on your TV, with the DVR Station.Schedule recordings in few clicks any TV program from you cablechannels or your setup box, and choose when and where you want to watchthem.
Play back all your digital content from your ARCHOS 5 to your TV, even in HD quality, at 720p.
With the TV Snap-on, Digital free TV is broadcast live on your Internet Media Tablet, wherever you are.

[Archos releases new “Internet Media Tablets”] - 출처 : UMPC Portal

So yet another name… This time with the wonderful acronym IMT.Anyways, these new Archos devices are running on ARM Cortex CPUs, comewith 5 or 7 inch screens, WiFi, and hard drives ranging from 30 to 320gigabytes. These will also be running Opera with Flash 9 support andhave lots of codec support. Most interesting is the 5g model which willinclude HSDPA. If you are looking for a media player with internetsupport, this is probably your best choice. Be on the look out for moreinformation.

Via Pocketables.

[Archos reveals 5, 5g, and 7 Internet Media Tablets] - 출처 : pocketables

A bit later and rather different than expected, Archos has taken the wraps off of its new line of Internet Media Tablets today. The Archos 5, Archos 5g, and Archos 7feature 16M-color WVGA touchscreens (4.8" and 7"), 30GB to 320GB harddrives, Opera web browser with Flash 9 support, ARM Cortex CPU, and afull range of codec support (including 720p HD content) with optionalplug-ins. Full details of the HSDPA-equipped 5g haven't been revealedyet, but just about everything you want to know about the 5 and 7 mediatablets are up for the taking.

Pricing and availability have yet to be formally announced, but if a comment left on Engadget is to be believed, then here's the "when" and "how much" for US consumers:

Archos 5: September, 60GB ($350), 120GB ($400), 250GB ($450)
Archos 7: October, 160GB ($450), 320GB ($550)
Archos 5g: December, 30GB ($550)

Head over to Archos Lounge for hands-on photos and even an iPhone comparison.

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