Microsoft Puzzle Piece Patent Combines GPS, Camera and Phone

일체형보다 비싸지 않을까? modu라는 것도 있던데...

[Microsoft Puzzle Piece Patent Combines GPS, Camera and Phone] - 출처 : gizmodo

We love the modular equipment from Bug Labs,but this patent from Microsoft takes the enthusiasm of interchangeabletech and cranks up the practicality. In a long, somewhat convolutedpatent application, Microsoft pitches a modular GPS system. But throughtheir explanation, the device becomes increasingly complicated,including "two-way cellular communications" across a "voice network"and a "wireless modem and digital camera." Through the modulararrangement, the "base unit realizes reduced bulk and complexity."Ultimately, we're left with a really geeky piece of tech for whichwe'll always be losing a piece between the seats. [Patent via Unwired View]

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